• City of Birth: Bari, Italy
  • Current City: Bari, Italy
  • Teaching Languages: English (all levels), French (basic – intermediate), Spanish (all levels), Swedish (basic), Italian (all levels)
  • Lesson Type: Face to Face

As a long-time fond reader, as well as an enthusiast and a genuine admirer of every kind of human linguistic expression, during the last three years I have staunchly devoted myself to the spreading of those languages on which I have focused my efforts, mostly through both private lessons and as a teaching assistant at “La Paroleria”, in Bari (Italy). I do not call myself a teacher, nonetheless I am just a human being who is elated to share something he knows about languages in order to make it available to everybody: I can surely declare that I have trained pupils of different wide age range – from 7 to 50 years old – and the extensive background I have acquired in this field has turned into a more than thrilling experience – with just few negative exceptions – as I have guided my students to get into both a new world and a totally different way of considering life. Supporting such different people – in terms of age, social background and career choices – as well as guiding them through the not so difficult path of learning either a second or a third language, along with helping them to achieve international certificates or simply to deal with a translation – which means, “telling almost the same thing you say in your own language”, as Umberto Eco himself used to say – are among those experiences that allow a human being to get much closer to Happiness.