Are you a foreing language teacher?

Do you like working in different environments and settings on a day to day basis?

LanguaJob community is looking for dynamic, hardworking and flexible Foreign Language Teachers.

LanguaJob is a community that brings together teachers and students who want to learn or improve a foreign language, in order to further their professional career.Nowadays, mastering a foreign language is important for finding a job and for having a successful career, which is why we focus on the real needs of everyone who speaks a foreign language in a work environment. On LanguaJob you can teach your language choosing a related professional field and working with your students on real scenarios (meeting, job interview, presentation, etc.).

In order to put yourself forward as a teacher, you must have a teaching background and know the language you’re going to teach well. In addition to language knowledge, we ask for specific knowledge of one or more professional areas so that you can teach specific vocabulary (e.g. marketing, economics, art, etc.). Your knowledge in a professional field can come from a personal interest or from your experience in that area. If you have little experience in a professional field or teaching in general, please make it clear in the advertisement.

The successful candidate will be required to achieve the following tasks:

  • Prepare your lessons’material, lesson plans, tests and training packages of a language to deliver your business outcomes.
  • Identify and research emerging learning resources and materials to maintain currency.Use expertise and knowledge in adult education principles to assist in the design and development of language learning programs.
  • Build and sustain relationships with students to achieve business outcomes.Assess students’ proficiency using testing methods and make recommendations to improve proficiency.
  • Evaluate course assessment instruments and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Review new research and developments in teaching methodologies and language systems to identify opportunities for continuous improvement.

We need teachers like you and we would be very pleased to count on your participation!



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